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Movie Monsters Who Should Wear Braces!

Movie monsters have captured our minds and our hearts for many generations. From Dracula to Jabba the Hutt, these sinister creatures continue to provide fright and delight in more ways than one. Ugly faces, glowing eyes, curved horns, sharp claws, and wicked teeth are just some reasons why movie monsters are so successful at making … Continue reading

5 Movies Every Family Needs To Watch

The films people have watched as a child has a much greater influence on their lives than you can imagine. The tears they shed, the laughs they shared and the people they watched the film together with may remain in their memory forever. When it is a family evening, what’s better than making some popcorn, … Continue reading

Top Young Adults And Teens of 2013

Fame should come with age—but it seems that the youth are ruling the world. Fame can overwhelm anyone, but it seems that these teenagers—at least most of them—have not shied from the spotlight. Gabby Douglas Gabby Douglas is the U.S. Individual All-Round champion for the 2012 Olympics.  She is the first African American to take … Continue reading

8 Family Friendly Films To Watch With The Kids

Are you trying to pick a movie for Friday night that the whole family would enjoy? The local cinemas may provide a number of recent blockbusters, but you may also enjoy some family classics dating back to the 90s which remain timeless even today. Here are the best family-friendly movies, ranging from light-hearted animation and … Continue reading


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