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Adam, The Life of a Boy With Downs Syndrome

By Sherri L Levesque I was about half way through my pregnancy and we had and ultrasound scheduled for a sex check. Adam’s father was standing there as the ultrasound tech smiled, she knew we had four girls already. She looked very happy “you want to know the sex of the baby” she said. We … Continue reading

Top Reasons Why Teens Rebel And Land In Juvie Hall

There are so many things that can break a parent’s heart, and one of the most painful heartaches is when a good teen goes bad. You treat and pamper all your children the same way, and yet, one of them turned out to be rebellious. He is not respecting your home rules, and he is … Continue reading

How To Forge A Connection With Your Tween

Many parents view the tween years to be a huge challenge.  All of a sudden, your youngster is more interested in cell phones and time with friends.  Family bonding seems like a joke. Even though it may seem otherwise, your tween still needs you.  This transitional stage is reminiscent of the toddler years.  Your child … Continue reading

Twitter Question: What age is it best to have kids?

Hi Keomi, I’m not sure why someone so young is asking this question, but I want to tell you that having children should be the farthest thing from your mind at your age. Be young, have fun, experience life without the responsibility of taking care of another person and meet someone worthy of having children … Continue reading

10 Tips For Being A Single Parent

Being a single parent is not easy for anyone. It can be very challenging to look after a child or several children while balancing a job, paying bills and more. Here are 10 tips for being a single parent. Love Children need love. In fact, they need the love of a parent the most. Keep … Continue reading


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