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Health Dangers For Young Football Players: How To Protect Your Kids

For parents and coaches of young football players, the dangers of the game are always at the forefront of their minds. More and more young kids and teens are suffering injuries during games, including heat stroke, concussions, muscle tears, hernias, and other injuries that can impact long term performance and health. Teams are starting practices earlier in … Continue reading

Benefits Of Gymnastics For Kids

According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity is a serious health concern for many children and adolescents. This is a great issue for most parents because children are becoming more and more inactive especially in this generation. The popularity of computers, tablets, and video games among young kids has diminished their appetite for outdoor … Continue reading

Charity Sporting Events Can Change Your Community’s Life!

There’s nothing like a local charity sporting event to bring people together. Children and adults alike will love being part of it and it will encourage some healthy competition that the spectators will love! It is common for people to put on events such as this for charity – whether it’s a gymkhana, a football … Continue reading

Taking The Financial Sting Out of Youth Sports

Youth sports provide an excellent extracurricular activity for many children. Pediatricians and parents agree that early participation in sports can benefit young people greatly in many different ways. The competition and pride in common team or individual goals balanced with good sportsmanship are important to growth and can teach valuable lessons which aid in creating … Continue reading

Senia Interviews “The Surf Lady”

When did you start surfing? At the ripe young age of 37. Hey, Picasso did his best work after turning 70. I will say that I snowboarded a good 16 years before that though and it definitely helps to know how to ride a board. I am living proof it is never too late to … Continue reading


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