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How to Answer Questions About Being a Single Mom

By Rio Canete To be in a situation where you have to play the role of both a mother and father all at the same time, is not easy. A lot of single mothers can definitely relate to how hard it is to go through life being the sole parent for your child. Nonetheless, there … Continue reading

How Important Is It That Fathers Take An Active Role In Their Daughters Lives?

By Marcea Hibbert-Roye With the rise in single parenting, have we fully understood the impact of a missing parent, namely the father. The father’s role in the past has been the ‘bringer of the bacon’ whilst his wife took care of the children. Fathers were usually the one that were considered the disciplinarian, ‘wait tip … Continue reading

My Life Without A Dad

One day in 2003 I was little baby at my grandma’s house and my dad came and he looked very messy. My mom and dad were talking about me, I guess. He reached for my hand but I snatched away. I guess even a baby can feel bad energy. Then my grandma came back from … Continue reading

How To Save Money As A Single Parent

Life as a single parent can be difficult at the best of times, without the additional restraints and pressures of the government’s latest initiatives, making difficult times even harder with changes in policies about family benefits and tax credits. This could end up leaving you at a loss, or with less spare cash to take … Continue reading

How To Cope As A Sudden Single Parent

When you decide to have children, you hope that you will stay with your partner and raise them together. Sadly for some people the fairytale fails and they find themselves suddenly faced by life as a single parent. On top of dealing with the emotional fallout of a relationship breakdown, and attempting to protect the … Continue reading


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