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Express Yourself With The Color of Your Braces

It’s the day you are finally getting your braces on.  Some people dread this appointment for a number of reasons.  Sometimes it is painful.  You don’t want to look different or draw attention to your teeth.  You don’t want to deal with the difficulty of eating or always wondering if there is food stuck in … Continue reading

Movie Monsters Who Should Wear Braces!

Movie monsters have captured our minds and our hearts for many generations. From Dracula to Jabba the Hutt, these sinister creatures continue to provide fright and delight in more ways than one. Ugly faces, glowing eyes, curved horns, sharp claws, and wicked teeth are just some reasons why movie monsters are so successful at making … Continue reading

10 Animals That Should Wear Braces!

Have you ever looked at your pet and noticed the depth of emotion on her face? Perhaps you’ve spent a day at the zoo and observed many animals that seem to smile at visitors. I love to smile, and I like to think that animals enjoy it too. Unfortunately, many of the toothy grins I’ve … Continue reading


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