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10 Things Parents Must Never Say To Kids

By Shalini Mittal Children naturally look up to their parents. They believe that their parents know everything and therefore anything that they say is right and should be taken seriously. For this reason, parents need to be very careful with the things that they say to kids since they can change their look on certain … Continue reading

3 Empowering Habits for Your Child in a New School Year

By Michelle Klavohn And, they’re off! The school year has begun. A fresh season offers great opportunity to cultivate new habits. Check out three habits that hold immense possibility for your child in this new school year: 1. Be a friend to have a friend What kid doesn’t want to have more friends? Crazy thing, … Continue reading

Top 6 Tips to Make Math Fun for Kids

By Gabhan Reed At first glance fun math or enjoying math seems to be a contradiction of sorts. You may wonder how a subject that millions of kids around the world dread be fun to learn. The solution lies in removing the fear by making math interesting for the kids with games and other innovative … Continue reading

4 Ways To Unplug Your Kids

Nearly all parents these days feels that their kids spend too much time online. With all the chatting, tweeting, status updates and memes, there doesn’t seem to be much time left for family togetherness. So how can you convince your kids to unplug for an afternoon, or even just an hour? Hopefully, if you provide … Continue reading

5 Tips To Avoid Being Bullied At School

Bullying is one of the ugliest forms of human behavior that exists in the world today. And when it is your own children that are the victims of this vicious act, it will break your heart. No matter how hard the schools try to stamp bullying out, it seems to remain a real threat. We’ve … Continue reading


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