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5 Scary Germs That Could Be Lurking In Your Keyboard

Photo by tamburix For most employees, their office computer is simply an essential part of their daily professional life. But are they aware just how much of a risk their keyboards can pose to their health? Studies have shown that some office keyboards can harbor up to 5 times more bugs than a toilet seat … Continue reading

Heart-Rending Story Of Julia: A Teenage Cancer Survivor

Cancer is a deadly disease which has claimed many lives over the years. It can spread rapidly to any part of the body and damage cells beyond repair making it almost impossible for recovery. However, there are many miraculous recoveries that give us hope and instill courage in other cancer patients. One such heart-rending story … Continue reading

5 Ways To Prevent Your Children From Bringing Every Virus Home From School

Schools can be virtual incubation chambers for germs and viruses. There is little supervision when it comes to hand washing, and children are rarely kept home when they are ripe with cold and flu germs. On the playground, mucus and saliva are freely passed from shirt sleeves to hands, followed by contact with the nose, … Continue reading


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