THE PSYCHE OF A REBELLIOUS TEEN: What Parents Just Don’t Understand But Need To Know!

By Jamila T Davis As we advance in age we often quickly forget the struggles we encountered as teens. Although many of us vowed decades ago not to become just like our parents, somehow fate caused us to embrace exactly what we once despised. Now with children of our own, their behavior appears foreign and…

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10 Things Parents Must Never Say To Kids

By Shalini Mittal Children naturally look up to their parents. They believe that their parents know everything and therefore anything that they say is right and should be taken seriously. For this reason, parents need to be very careful with the things that they say to kids since they can change their look on certain…


How Do Parents Deal With the Gimmes?

How Do Parents Deal With the Gimmes? By Kathleen Boucher By teaching children to do research and then some. Every child goes through a stage of “gimme, gimme, gimme” at some point. How this is handled from the beginning will dictate if the child continues on this path forever or learns that not everything is…