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Strange Jobs Involving Animals

Most of us are fascinated by the lives of animals to some extent. Whether it is by watching the National Geographic Channel or caring for your own pets, most humans enjoy interaction with animals. Some even make a career out of their well being. We are all familiar with the work of veterinarians and game … Continue reading

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means to Kids

By Corey Szwarcok Respect – An age-old term parents and educators beg of children with exhaustive repetition. If only children were respectful, we probably wouldn’t need rules. If children were respectful, they would walk in the hallways, be considerate of one another, keep their hands to themselves, listen when spoken to. In fact, if kids … Continue reading

‘My Teacher Is Picking On Me’ & Other School Problems That Parents Need To Know How To Tackle

No parent wants their child to be unhappy at school as it can lead to all sorts of associated issues such as truancy, behavioral problems and low grades. This post looks at three of the most common problems parents face when it comes to helping their child maintain a happy and balanced school life. 1.       … Continue reading

What To Do When Your Kids Want To Quit

Image by RedHand Children are wonderful, and as parents we truly do admire their desire to try out new activities, whether it be ballet, football, or learning to play a musical instrument. However, it is difficult to decide what to do when your child declares, within a short space of time, that they hate their … Continue reading

Is Leading By Example The Best Way To Teach Morals?

There are people who say that morals are not as good than they used to be. They feel that children are not as well behaved as they were in the past and that because people may not be so religious, they do not have such good moral guidelines. This may or may not be true, … Continue reading


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