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Top 5 Smartphones For Mom

Smart phones have broadened their minds of billions of people across the world. In fact, smart phones make life easier by being able to multi-task no mater where we are. Many mothers use their cellular phones everyday. With the right phone mom can create the perfect grocery list, design Christmas cards, keep up with important … Continue reading

Top 10 Fall Family Activities

Fall is a wonderful season, and a time of the year when many great family memories are created. The bright orange colors of the falling leaves and the crisp air are only parts of what makes fall such a memorable season. Families can take part in an array of fun family activities,We have ten listed … Continue reading

Warning: iPads Are Not For Kids!

If you’ve got young kids, you perhaps have let them play with your iPad and thought it was cute to watch how amused they are as they explore what their fingers can do on it. But if you really knew what was happening ‘behind the scenes’ you’d likely have a different opinion about the relationship … Continue reading

5 Fun Uses For Stickers

Stickers are one of the most versatile items ever used. They can be used just for fun, used as labels to identify an article, used as seals or given to a child as a gift. Stickers are inexpensive and eye catching. Stickers can promote a cause or club. They can also start a conversation and … Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Do To Support Your Child’s Garage Band

A phase that young teenagers often go through is starting a garage band. While you may be opposed to the idea at first, a band can keep your teen out of trouble. Not only that, but encouraging your child could lead him on the road to success. Whether you make room for the band in … Continue reading


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