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Handling Breastfeeding Criticism and the Internet

By Katie Madden Chances are have had your fair share of opinion sharing from multiple well-meaning loved ones. Perhaps it sounded something like this: “Oh, you are still breastfeeding?” “Didn’t you just feed that baby? He’s not hungry yet.” “When are you going to stop breastfeeding? Well, you’ll stop once she can ask for it, … Continue reading

Today is #AppreciateADragonDay

  Got a favorite dragon? Show it some love today! Learn more about this day via Appreciate a Dragon Day.

3 Things College Students Need To Know About Dorms

Living in dorms is one step away from home for many college students. It’s not an easy transition for a lot of students really, as it can feel like you’re actually moving away for the first time (which is what it is really). But with a few tips, you can kick start your dorming in … Continue reading

Today is #DressUpYourPetDay!

Learn more about this fun day for pet owners via -Holiday Insights : Dress Up Your Pet Day.  

100 Ways To Occupy Your Kids This Winter

  By Kara M Armstrong It took me awhile to come up with 100 activities to do with your kids during winter. I thought I was pretty good at keeping the kids occupied and thought I had many great ideas, but it still took me awhile to come up with all these ideas. I really … Continue reading


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