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I am Dangerous Lee, the artist behind the #FeedArt Network, formerly known as the Dangerous Lee Network. I create social media ad campaigns for independent artists and creative entrepreneurs that helps them to get noticed and sell their work. I am also the author of the Amazon best-selling safe sex erotica anthology, "Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down" and an eBook on the affects of colorism, The Half Series: When Black People Look White.
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How to Create a Safe Environment for Your Newborn

Create a Safe Environment for Newborns Bringing home your newborn baby is an exciting time filled with all sorts of changes. You’ve likely stocked up on diapers and wipes, tiny baby socks and footed pajamas. In addition to making these preparations, you’ll also need to make some time to create a safe environment for your … Continue reading

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Zodiac Signs of Disney Princesses

Originally posted on Who the Hell is Montre Bible?:
I thought I do a carefree blog today. Okay, I like Disney movies, don’t judge me! But I also like astrology so I’m gonna try to take a guess at what each disney princesses sign is. So lets start with Ariel: Ariel strikes me as an…

What No One Told You About School and How to Deal With It

By Kristina Sisevic Don’t you miss the days when homework was just coloring? School is hard, especially when there’s a distraction on every step. The social networks, television, your crush and when any of the above come to your mind it’s impossible to study. What no one told me about school is well, they didn’t … Continue reading

Senia’s Pick: He’s So Fine – But Is He Great to Date – Safe Teen Dating

By Alexa Keating It’s exciting when you begin to notice boys; even more exciting when they begin to notice you! Suddenly nothing is more important than how your hair looks, what you have to wear and how it looks on you. You may see your friends in a brand new way as you notice their … Continue reading


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