How To Make The Christmas Holidays Really Magical For Your Child


Like people say “We only live once”. Now, I am not a man who would discourage the idea of an afterlife, but just in case there isn’t one, why not make the few years we have on this Earth enjoyable? And what better time to start than during our adolescence. But of course when we are children, we don’t know about things like “Christmas” and Santa Claus. That is why it is our parents who must tell us all this stuff then; and to add showmanship to the whole experience, they must get into character and to a little theatre as well. But what do children really want? The love of their parents? Of course, but they are far to young to appreciate something so intangible. No, children are way more interested in the magic of the Christmas holidays; the Christmas tree, the big dinner party, and of course the presents. So what can you do to make this special day of your child’s life even more enjoyable?

Take Your Child To a Public Event

During the Christmas holidays, there are literally hundreds of events, going everywhere around town. Find a one that is age appropriate and have your child partake in the experience. Don’t be shy to join in the fun as well – this is a bonding opportunity of a whole different calibre. Go somewhere where you can get your kid involved in some of the activities; like seeing Santa’s Village, or riding on a holiday carousel.

Get a hint of what your child wants for Christmas

Even though it is Santa who brings the presents, it is the parent’s responsibility to tell the jolly old fellow what to take from the North Pole, so there are no disappointed faces on Christmas Day. The best way to do this is to take your children to the mall. Let them run around for a while, and when the times comes, they will lead you to the thing they want the most. And tell old Santa to forget about his list; all children are good and deserve good presents for Christmas.

Decorate The Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition as old as Christmas itself, and nothing is more fun than doing it with your kid. There are a great many ways to decorate a tree; but I would suggest you let your child do all the decorating, while you sit back and nod your head approvingly. Light up a few candles here and there and you are all set to celebrate the holidays.

Invite Santa Over For Hot Coco

Nothing says “I love you more” than a 3 act performance piece, preferably executed by the father. All you need is a Santa suit; fake beard and a sack filled with toys. Instead of leaving the gifts under the tree, why not deliver them personally and make your child shiver with excitement form meeting Santa Clause in the flesh. Don’t forget to throw your voice good – children are way smarter than you think.

Watch A Christmas-Oriented Family Film Together

There are plenty of fine title out there; some animate, other life-action. The important thing is you are enjoying quality time with your loved once, and that is what Christmas should be all about. Treat your family to a big, king-size bucket of buttered pop corn; and let the good times flow.

Author Bio: Jessica loves to spend time with her family. She works a part time job for  but in her free time she is always with her kids.

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