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5 Surprisingly Crafty Uses For Leftover Popsicle Sticks


Image by: Melizza

Ice lolly sticks may not seem like the most exciting of craft materials- but once you’ve finished up the last licks of your favorite summer treat, why not try getting crafty with your leftover lolly sticks?

With a bit of time and effort you can shape them into something really quite special and here are five of the best ways going.


This is perhaps one of the easiest things you can create with leftover popsicle sticks. You start with a simple, flat base; cardboard is one of the best. Then, simply secure your sticks down with some glue, overlapping them at the ends to create layers.

Attaching a piece of string to the corners with a simple knot should hold your bird feeder up nice and securely meaning those birds have somewhere nice to eat their seed from.

What’s better is that you’ve reused a large amount of sticks, a double helping of environmental friendliness! If you need some help with putting this one together then take a look at the tutorial here.


Slightly trickier than the bird feeder, but very rewarding. I suggest that children take a back seat in the creation of this one because you do have to heat your sticks up in order to make this one.

You need to heat your sticks up in some water over the hob to start with, just to make them that bit more flexible and easy to shape. Once they’ve had a few minutes over a gentle heat they should be about right.

You can easily bend your sticks using the inside of a second container. Just insert them around the edge of this container and leave them over night. When you look at them in the morning and remove them from the receptacle they should maintain their curve. They can then be placed in a vase to create a pattern running around the inside. If you get stuck then the tutorial for this one can be found on this site.

Why not play around with them; there are quite a few ways they can be arranged. You can even write a message on a stick and give it to a friend or loved one.

Plant Labels

It’s summer, the sun is out and gardens are blooming across the country. There is sure to be a keen interest in gardening and those of you with green fingertips may want to consider using your leftover popsicle sticks to label up your plants.

The best bit is the kids can help and get involved with the garden as well. All you need are your leftover sticks, some paint and some brushes. You can paint the sticks however you like, making sure you add the name of the plant to them.

Then just stick them in the ground or in the pots and baskets and you’re done, quick, easy and a great way to get kids interacting with the garden.

If you need some design ideas then you might want to check this site out!


I know the Olympics was last year and Wimbledon has just passed but you can still use your leftover ice lolly sticks to make your favorite sports persons national flag. If that’s not a good enough excuse then why not try the flag of your favorite country or your next holiday destination.

With a quick coating of paint and some glue to stick them to a fridge magnet or cardboard, you’ve got yourself a nice little memento of your holiday, your trip to a sporting event or the start of a journey.

Farm Animals

This is sure to keep the kids amused for at least one rainy afternoon. The equipment is simple: ice lolly sticks, paint, googly eyes and at a stretch some fake fur and pipe cleaners.

In a very short amount of time you could have a whole popsicle stick farmyard in your living room. They really are so simple to make and will keep your children amused when the bad weather returns.

You can take a look at some examples and get some inspiration from this website, you’ll soon be coming up with your own ideas!

If you’ve made something spectacular from ice lolly sticks and think other people should give it a try, why not stick around and leave a comment?


Chris has an interest in art and design and loves making new things from leftover items. He recommends Wipe Easy Tablecloths to minimize the clean up time.


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