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Are Family Values Slipping?


It is easy to say that family values are slipping these days, but is it a fair reflection on the world? Traditions are changing, some being left behind and some new ones forming. The way modern families live is very different to the way out ancestors lived and this have changed the way things are done. Women no longer help each other so much with the care of the children and the cooking. Men do not hunt in packs for food. However, there are still many things that show that there are family values still around today.

Family values may mean different things to different people. Different ideas of what family values are explained below.

  • Taking care of Each other
    Many people believe that having family values means that you all take care of each other. Although families may not live near each other anymore, they still do take care of each other. The family groups may be smaller, there may just be a single parent and child but this does not mean that they cannot care for each other. Some families are larger with extended family members such as grandparents and aunts taking care of the children. This is happening more with mothers having to go out to work to help to support the family. Tough economic times also mean that families are tending to help each other out more financially as well. There may have been signs that families were not as close a while ago, but now it seems that they are getting closer again, helping each other out more.
  • Loving Each Other
    One core family value is having love for each other. Some people may say that the rising amount of divorces shows that we have less love for each other these days. However, this may not be true. This is because when a divorce happens it means that a couple are no longer in a relationship where there is no love. They are then free to make new loving relationships. Also at a time of divorce a person may need their family close by them so that they can get support and love as well as help with child care or financial help.
  • All families being accepted
    One part of family values for some people is that all families are accepted. This is not a conservative viewpoint and is not accepted by all, but there are more people coming round to the idea. This means mixed race, same gender, mixed religion and so on. This is something that is more common these days and therefore something that is becoming more accepted. Some people still feel that it is not right and other people feel that it is not an issue at all. Some people are more in the middle, not having a strong opinion either way. So, in conclusion, really we cannot say that family values are slipping. They are changing and developing though because there are differences in lifestyles which change the way that families work together.

Author Bio
This article has been written by Ella Nichols – Church Volunteer at Mercy Church San Luis Obispo.

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