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Top 5 Healthiest Cities For Children

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Violence is on the rise, the quality of public education is on the decline, and pollution is still a major factor in the air that we breathe. Given these concerns, it is more important than ever to give a great deal of thought to the city in which … Continue reading

5 Kids Who Are Probably Smarter Than You Are

Today, becoming an entrepreneur, and inventor and even a business owner is no longer restricted to those with MBA degrees and years of experience. There is no longer an age limit placed on making one’s own success, as it is has been proven by some of the smartest kids today. There are many kids right … Continue reading

9 Magnet Hacks To Make Life Easier

Magnets are useful for an astonishingly wide variety of jobs — some glasses wearers even have little magnets surgically implanted in the bridge of the nose to keep their frames from sliding down! But you don’t have to go that far to enjoy the many benefits of these handy, affordable little items. Here are nine … Continue reading

What Would Make One Direction Cooler?

Around the world, teenage girls and those of an even younger age are obsessed with the activities of One Direction, the band put together a few years ago who were initially five rejects on the UK version of The X Factor because they weren’t the strongest singers in the competition. No, we’re not sure how … Continue reading

Why You Should Get Your Daughter Involved In Collectible Dolls

As a parent, you may be constantly looking for new activities and hobbies to involve your children in. For your daughters especially, finding them something that they will enjoy and look forward to is challenging sometimes. Getting them involved in hobbies that will teach them responsibilities and patience is especially important. Having kids involved in … Continue reading


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