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Need Some Parenting Inspiration: Look No Further Than Jurassic Park’s Dr. Alan Grant

When describing the character of Alan Grant, what springs to mind? He is without doubt a respected Palaeontologist, a self-confessed technophobe and most definitely a dedicated hat-wearer. But what about a father figure? Okay, initially he appears to be allergic to children, as indicated by his disturbingly vivid description of a raptor attack (‘you are … Continue reading

Are Boys Harder To Raise Than Girls?

According to a recent survey, baby boys are harder work for their mums than baby girls. In the past, mums who had boys died earlier than mums who had girls. The reasons for this aren’t quite known, but it seems that mums put more effort into raising their sons than their daughters, and that boys … Continue reading

No More Room On The Fridge? What To Do With Your Child’s Artwork

Your child is an absolutely prolific art fanatic. They spend hours every day sitting at the kitchen table happily immersed in drawing spaceships, unicorns, monsters, spiders and goofy portraits of you. They come home from school with a backpack stuffed with Styrofoam sculptures, cardboard animals and enormous painted scrolls. Every day their oeuvre grows exponentially … Continue reading

Easter Basket Ideas For Teens

Easter may typically be considered a holiday for kids, especially when taking into account egg hunts and the Easter Bunny. However, no matter how little they might show it, teens enjoy a bit of attention and celebration during special times of the year, including Easter. It might be tempting to purchase a chocolate bunny for … Continue reading

4 Crafty Activities For Dads And Kids

It can sometimes be hard to find really good artistic activities that both kids and their dads will enjoy. Spending time together engaging in different forms of craft is an important part of developing the bond between parents and kids, and there’s no reason why dads should miss out! Here are 4 crafty activities for … Continue reading


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