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What Will Be The Top Collectible Toys of 2013?

Savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for what will be the next popular collectible toy.  Whether they are keen collectors themselves, or see the opportunity to make a tidy profit from their initial purchase, eyes are always peeled in the hope of unearthing the next big collectible gem.

We looked at some products that are likely to be highly collectible over the coming 12 months, as well as valuable in years to come. For collectors who are also parents, keeping them from the hands of their children is likely to still provide the biggest challenge.


Dolls are a toy that has always held some kind of collectible value. This year, trends will move away from popular brands – at least in terms of girls’ dolls – and instead focus on quality, unique dolls that are not widely found in the shops.

While well-known varieties of doll such as Blythe can expect to be collected fervently, collectors should also keep a lookout for new products and those that offer something different from the current market. Remember, original ideas will be worth a fortune when they start to be mass-produced.

One Direction Memorabilia

While the hyperbole labelling the UK’s hottest pop music act as ‘The New Beatles’ may be taking things a little too far, their potential to be even bigger than they are now means that anything with their picture on is likely to be highly collectible.

Whether it is a keyring, a Harry Styles doll, or accessories for ‘pimping’ an iPod, they are all highly sought after. The more ruthless, cold-hearted collectors out there will no doubt be hoping for an acrimonious split, so that their value soars further.

DIY Models

Although do it yourself modelling kits such as Airfix are losing their popularity, for enthusiasts they are still hugely collectible as well as fun to create.

Keen collectors who are able to put together and paint one of the models flawlessly can make a lot of money from then selling on the finished product. Rare editions are also worth getting their hands on, as even left sealed in the box they will increase in value in years to come.

Action Figures

Almost all action figures have the potential to be collectible, so long as they are boxed and in mint condition. Naturally, huge global franchises such as Spider-Man and Batman are going to be the most valuable in years to come, but even having boxed editions of Ben 10 figures, for example, will likely earn a tidy future return if profit if your motivation.

Look out for opportunities to acquire some excellent collectible merchandise in 2013, and remember to keep them out of children’s reach!

This article has been written by Kate Carson from the A Girl for All Time content writing team. Kate has been a keen collector of girls toys since childhood when her mother had collectible dolls in the house and the fascination has continued throughout her successful career.

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