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Junk Food Commercials And Obesity Among Kids – Is There Any Link?


What if one states that watching television plays a significant role in making your child obese? Sounds irrelevant, but yes it is true to certain extent. Lack of exercising is not the only the primary reason for obesity among kids, as those junk food advertisements or commercials too invoke your kid to gulp more such foods. According to a recently conducted research, junk food commercials make a huge impact on the eating preferences in your kid. This further leads to obesity.

What the Study says?
The study included monitoring of TV watching habits of around 3,500 children from infants to adolescents. In all, kids who viewed non-educational TV shows with advertisements were reported to have high body mass indexes or BMI’s. The link was stronger for children under seven.
On the other hand, kids who viewed educational TV shows without commercials or educational CDs were less likely to be overweight or obese than the children who refrained themselves from TV.

Thus, you simply cannot blame the idiot box (TV), as the primary culprits are those junk food commercials.

Junk foods commercials pose a great threat to the health of your kid. Certain countries are initiating preventive measures to reduce the impact of these ads on children by prohibiting the broadcasting of such advertisements. For instance, in South Korea, food commercials that feature unhealthy or junk foods are prohibited between 5 pm to 7 pm as well as during kids’ shows. This initiative aims to reduce the rising concern of obesity among kids in the entire South Korea.

In America, children are bombarded with junk food commercials on a daily basis. A kid who views morning cartoons on Saturdays might anticipate to view junk food advertisements in every five to ten minutes and I can bet that he/she will soon start asking for salty snacks and sugary cookies or cereals that he see on TV.

Bitter Truth:
Makers of these commercials are well aware as how to thrust the kids and entice them towards these foods. Luckily, you as a parent always have the control with that remote control, as you can regulate what you want your kid to watch.

So what is the perfect way to deal with obesity in kids and junk food commercials? Consider encouraging your kid to view educational programs that do not have any commercials or provide him/her some sensible and educational DVD’s. This invokes your kid’s mind as well as body towards a healthy life. Further, send your kid outdoors for burning a few calories after he/she spends watching TV for an hour or so.

Matt Walker is a professional writer. He holds extensive knowledge on various health related topics. His articles and blogs can be found at rugsandblinds.com.

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