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Cool Kid Spotlight: Nia Bakari

At 9 years old, Nia Bakari is one of  the youngest hosts on BlogTalkRadio.  She is quite an inspiring young lady and is off to a running start with her show, which launched just this month. Nia was kind of enough to answer a few questions about her program and what’s up next for her. … Continue reading

Prom Shoes For A Spring Colored Dress

Nobody wants to look tacky at prom, which means nobody should be overdone either. At the other end of the spectrum, on the other hand, is the risk of looking drab. A formal event does not always mean you have to be in neutral earth colors. You can wear a spring-themed color dress with polished … Continue reading

Why It’s Important To Know Who Your Kids’ Friends Are

Some parents are so disconnected with their children that they don’t even know who their friends are. Knowing whom your child is friends with is smart parenting, and it can provide you with additional benefits. You have people to contact. No parent want to lose contact with their child, but if there ever comes a … Continue reading

Skipping School To Take A Family Holiday

Saving Money While Holidaying During School Term Everyone needs a holiday, and a break from the stresses and strains of daily life. The traditional family holiday in the summer term break is slowly becoming a luxury rather. Travel costs have increased and in periods of high demand in other industries you see costs driven down … Continue reading

Senia Aces Test On Civil Rights


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