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Fun Places To Take Your Child When It’s Cold Outside

Although we’ve experienced a pretty mild winter so far, you can guarantee that the cold snap is just around the corner. But just because Jack Frost has his icy grip on our surroundings doesn’t mean you and your child can’t find some fun things to do together. Winter evenings and weekends can be a bit gloomy but if you plan some exciting activities together than you can both fight off the January blues as a team.

Doing fun things together is also a great way to stay active which is a welcome thing following an indulgent Christmas period. As child safety is always a priority in these situations, here are some great ideas to have fun in a safe environment.


Indoor Play Areas

Kids love to run around, jump off stuff and climb up things but it some places there is always a worry that accidents will occur. However, in one of the many indoor play areas that provide a soft world of adventure for your child to play in, parents can relax and have some peace of mind. With ball pits, slides and rope ladders for them to explore; your child will have a whale of a time as you either watch on from the side or get involved yourself.

Whether you leave them to it or engage in some indoor play of your own, you will be safe in the knowledge that the soft furnishings will keep them safe and the rubber play tiles will always break their fall.

Leisure Centers

Swimming is often regarded as a summer time activity but with indoor pools heated to combat the cold weather, they can be enjoyed all year round. Children are mesmerized by water so you can guarantee that you will have a fun-filled day at your local leisure center and, as it works out all areas of your body, swimming is also a great way to stay in shape.

Obviously safety is paramount when around a swimming pool so it is important to keep your children in sight at all times. The non-slip pool surrounds that populate the edge of the water will help to stop any nasty accidents but it is also important that you emphasize that you shouldn’t run on wet floors.

Ice Skating

This is a great activity at this time of year because there are plenty of skating rinks about and plenty of people wanting to enjoy them. Depending on their age, you may want to take your child to a class so they can learn the basics first or if you are an expert yourself, you might want to self-teach them. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy stepping out onto the ice, you could take your child to a group session so they can join in and you can watch.

It may be cold outside but an ice skating experience will mean you can get in the winter spirit but without having to endure any freezing temperatures. As far as safety goes, most rinks will have padded walls and bars to hold onto around the side. Sometimes there are also movable skating aids that kids can hold onto so they don’t fall over and all skaters will skate in the same direction to avoid accidents.

This article is written on behalf of Smith Brothers by Chris Mayhew. They supply safety surfacing products such as rubber playground mats and childs safety tiles for commercial and domestic use. Visit their website today for more information on how to keep your children safe whilst still letting them enjoy themselves.

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