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Naughty or Nice:Tips for Training Both Kinds of Children

Kids can be a challenge, especially since their mood and demeanor can change in an instant. Some people have kids that are well behaved, and some have kids that need a bit of extra attention. But whether your child is naughty or nice, the following are great tips to help you train them.

naughty children


Talk to them.

One well to help teach your naughty child how to behave is to simply talk to them. Let them know how they should be acting or talking, and let them know that when they misbehave, it makes you feel sad. You can even compare it to things that make your child feel sad. For example, if your child is sad when he has to leave grandma’s house, then tell your child that when they misbehave, it makes you feel sad like that. When they know how their actions are making you feel, it may help them to behave.

Use time outs.

Time outs have been used by parents for many years to help teach naughty children right from wrong. When your child is misbehaving, give them a verbal warning. If they continue to misbehave, then put them in a designated time out area (usually towards a corner so they can’t be distracted) and have them either sit there until they calm down or for a certain length of time. Then, once the timeout is over, talk to your child about their actions, and let them know that if they continue to misbehave, they’ll continue to get time outs.

Use positive reinforcement.

Use positive reinforcement to help your naughty child behave. For example, every time they’re nice or do something appropriately, reinforce the action with kisses, stickers, treats or verbal praise. When your child sees that they get a sticker every time they say please or thank you, for example, it may just encourage them to continue to do so.


Talk to them.

When your child behaves, it’s easier to train them through the use of your words. Simply tell your child what you desire of them, such as using their manners, and explain to them how to do so. Sometimes, simply asking in a nice way and letting your child know what you want will keep them behaving.

Lead by example.

If you want your nice child to continue being nice, then your best bet is to lead by example. Make sure that you’re always using your manners, and make sure that you’re also practicing what you preach. You are a role model to your child, and they are always watching your every move, so if you want them to be nice, then make sure you’re doing the same.

Use positive reinforcement.

To continue your child’s nice actions, you’ll want to use positive reinforcement. Make sure that you make a big deal out of their positive actions by celebrating or by giving them a small treat, such as a sticker or an extra minute of story time before bed. By showing your child that you’re proud of their nice actions, you’ll help them want to continue being nice in the future.

Author Byline: Lauren Williams is a freelance writer with two small children.  Most of her writings focus on parenting and child training tactics.


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