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Why You Should Enroll Kids in Cooking Classes

It may not seem like a conventional activity for the young ones, but certain sectors currently believe that including cooking in children’s education is bound to help them combat obesity. It is a known fact that for the last 30 years, most Americans have struggled with weight issues. And in spite of constant campaigns against it, obesity has remained a palpable and growing epidemic, even affecting those as young as 10 or 13 years old. In a new education program conducted by the University of Colorado called Cooking with Kids, researchers were able to find out just how much instruction affected children’s perception towards food and health. And as the results show, 178 fourth-grade students and their teachers found it to be a positive experience. Aside from helping them improve the way they express and interact; it also renewed the children’s perception towards cooking being a chore and certain ingredients being unsavory. This then makes them more capable of making healthy eating decisions for themselves.

Children are pretty much dependent on adults when it comes to sustenance. And they eat whatever is offered to them so long as it tastes great. This then makes them more inclined to eat the wrong kinds of fares. What provokes this bad habit further is the fact that most of their diet will not be regulated by their parents and guardians (either because they don’t know or they don’t care). Hence, they end up taking in too much of the unhealthy stuff, living little room to avoid gaining weight. With cooking sessions, they are given no other choice but to learn how to prepare their own meals and make smart choices when it comes to ingredients. As such, they can set aside fast food value meals as well as junk food and satiate themselves with homemade salads and club sandwiches.

On top of the aforementioned, here are other benefits that cooking classes provide:

Inculcating good values and discipline
Of course, one cannot neglect the fact that cooking classes allow young kids to develop more discipline. Cooking is an activity whose results are highly dependent on control. If no one takes responsibility for what they are doing, they are bound to make unpleasant dishes, even burn the kitchen down. When kids engage in it, they learn early on that patience and attention detail provides very rewarding outcomes. So they find themselves practicing it more, even in other aspects of their lives. On a related note, cooking sessions will also empower them to be more helpful around the house since they no longer feel intimidated towards being in the kitchen.

Helping the child discover and realize his/her passion
The second benefit will have everything to do with their future. It’s no secret that childhood experiences forms a significant part of a person’s mindset. And it suggests to them how they should act in the future and what they should pursue. Cultivating a passion towards cooking at a tender age might get them on the fast track to a culinary career. And instead of dealing with adolescents who do not have plans, parents can feel more confident that their children are gearing towards a lucrative life path. Having in depth knowledge on food can place kids in a flexible position career wise since they can easily become a chef, a nutritionist, a product adviser or a business owner. And all of these include a 6-figure salary annually.

Teaches how to fend for oneself
The third upside worth mentioning is the fact that they get to be more capable as people. Parents who enroll their kids to cooking classes won’t have to worry about them starving when they are left at home or when they are away with friends on vacation. That is because they will be more than competent in making something to nourish their selves, even with ordinary ingredients and a limited budget. They don’t have to wait starving for two to three hours when you suddenly have to go overtime because they will take it upon themselves to prepare meals and include others in the count. And the best part is, they will make more delicious fares than what you could take out for them.

Boosts self-esteem
And lastly, one cannot also deny how huge of an impact cooking knowledge has on the child’s self-esteem. Being able to cook well at a young age will make them feel better about themselves even though they lack a few of the attributes that society typically value. For instance, they can lack one of the five senses and still come off as amazing individuals because they can prepare a soufflé as fast and as deliciously as any grown up would. And in this day and age where self-worth discovery is a limited experience, it is fortunate that there are productive means for children to get an advantage without making them feel like they have to abandon their real self. Moreover, cooking classes also give kids a social edge, as mentioned on the first paragraph, exposing them to people with the same interest whom they can easily connect to and build a strong bond with.


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