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7 Ways Your Kids Will Use Personalized Notepads

Let’s face it: Today’s world has become increasingly digitized and more and more tasks are being accomplished online instead of on paper. But paper is far from extinct, and your kids are still anxious to put their pens to the pad and write or draw. While research papers are being printed from a machine instead of printed by hand, notes are still be taken with the traditional chicken scratch we all know and love from our days of sitting in lectures. People are still jotting down important tasks that they need to accomplish as they think of them so that they are reminded at a later time of what they still have to do.


When your child goes back to school, one fun gift that will help them stay organized and on task is a notepad. While you may think paper is a thing of the past, here are seven ways personalized notepads for your kids will be used:

  1. Book and Music Titles – Throughout the school year, your child will need to remember the names of different books or music albums. When they hear them, they can easily write them down on their personal paper for easy access later.
  2. Website URLs – Teachers are now using websites and social networks to connect with students more and more. Your student will likely need to write down the website URL or their username so that they do not forget later on.
  3. To-Do List Items – Your child may use a planner at school, but with adhesive notepads, they are able to stick important reminders on specific dates so that they stay more organized.
  4. Quotations – Some students use their adhesive notes to hang up in their locker reminders of funny moments that happened throughout the school year. These will be admired by their friends and will keep them smiling between classes.
  5. Notes to Friends – Although you do not want to encourage it, student’s still pass notes during class. This will let them send a quick thought to a friend.
  6. Drawings – Paper is not only for words; it is also for art. If your child expresses his or herself through pictures, having paper readily available to draw something can be therapeutic and relaxing.
  7. Phone Numbers – During the school year, your child will meet new people and will need to get their number to arrange for times to study or get together socially. Writing these down in a notepad is many times faster than entering them into a cell phone.

Your child has a lot going on between school, extracurricular activities and a social life. By offering an easy-access place where they can write stuff down, you are sure to give them a useful and fun gift.

To Jim, writing is everything. The topic he most enjoys writing about is business. If you’d like more information regarding personalized notepads for your kids, please visit inkhead.com.

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One thought on “7 Ways Your Kids Will Use Personalized Notepads

  1. This is one great idea. Thanks for sharing this. :)

    Posted by Ruth Walther | January 29, 2013, 1:11 am

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