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Fun and Interesting Date Ideas for Teenagers

The ideal teenager date is one that will allow the two of you to spend a little time alone together, without it becoming too awkward. Chances are if the other person has agreed to go out with you on a date, they already like you, at least a little. You will want to come up with a date idea that makes it easy to have fun and get to know each other better. Most teens will try the classic dinner and a movie idea, but that can create a few problems. You are forced to talk to each other for the entire length of the dinner and then you can’t talk to each other during the movie. Try these fun dating ideas for teenagers and see if you have a bit more fun on your date.


Go Bowling

Bowling might seem lame, but it is actually a good way to break down those awkward barriers. Everyone can have fun bowling. You can make fun of the shoes and then make a fool out of yourself on the lanes. It’s not like it’s going to make you look bad- after all, who is really a good bowler? (Disregard this statement if you happen to really work hard at bowling!) You can create some fun twists on the whole bowling thing too. For example, try seeing who can get the worst score, especially with the bumpers up. Or have the first person throw the first ball as poorly as they can and have the second person try to pick up the spare. Make it competitive, but fun.

Go To the Driving Range

The driving range is another fun and cheap activity. You don’t have to be a master golfer to hit balls at the driving range. You can also make driving golf balls a fun game. See who can hit the ball the farthest and who can aim for the kid in the caged vehicle who is picking up the balls. Or be romantic and wrap your arms around your date to ‘show’ them the proper way to swing!

Go On a Picnic

A picnic is just romantic enough without being too phony. The only thing better than a regular picnic is a surprise picnic. Surprising your date with a sudden picnic in a cool location is a good way to mix things up. Try having a surprise picnic in an odd location, like on the school’s football field or on the driving range. Concerts, homecoming games and little league sports games are also good places to have impromptu picnics. What will really impress your date is what they will find inside of the picnic basket. You can always go with the standard picnic-style lunch or you could change things up. Add a fancy cheese platter and some grapes and have a cheese tasting party. Or whip out some warm nachos that you have been keeping hidden. Impress your date with an interesting meal on the go.

Rent a Boat

Try renting one of those rowboats, kicking pedal boats or swan boats at your local park. They don’t cost much and they are fun to use. They will also get you out onto the middle of the lake where you can be alone with your date. Bring some snacks or a picnic basket along too.

The Drive In

If your local town has a drive in then you may want to consider taking your date there. Bring along a blanket and some snacks to make the night even more special. Go see a ridiculous monster movie that you can both make fun of. Just don’t let your mom drive you in!

Polly Godwin is the owner of PicnicFun.com, a company dedicated to family fun and picnics. You can find picnic baskets, picnic backpacks and even picnic coolers!

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