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Overcoming Depression – Teen’s Guide

Not all days are good. Sometimes, it seems that everything is messed up. There are times when you just want to lock yourself in your room and isolate yourself from the world. This is quite normal. We all have our down days. However, there are some people who experience this for a long time and unfortunately experience severe depression. Most adults know how to handle such feelings. But for teens, it’s quite challenging. Teens have a lot of things in their minds. They are still figuring out who they are. They are thinking what they wanted to become. They are trying to fit in the society and they are constantly doing school works. Depression might be too much for them to handle. If you have a friend who might seem depressed, or if you are depressed, read this article. This should help you ease out your feelings.

Remember that there is always a solution. Every problem has a solution. I’m not saying that these solutions are always easy. But those things will make you stronger and more matured. Welcome life’s challenges. Resolve it. You don’t have to do it alone. You can ask your friends, your siblings or your parents to help you. Believe me, after solving your problems, the feeling is so rewarding.

Talk to a person you trust the most. “No man is an island”. This is cliché but very true. If you are too heated, the tendency is that you will blow off. It’s like a kettle whistling irritably telling us that the water is hot enough. Before that happens, you should release your angst or your feelings. Start by writing it in your journal. If you can’t verbalize it, you might want to give your journal to the person you trust. The journal will do the talking for you.

Listen to happy songs. Listen to songs that will make you dance. Stay away from tunes that will make you cry. Music can really affect one’s mood. If you constantly listen to slow or gloomy songs, chances are, you’d get sad too.

Switch to a healthier lifestyle. Good diet and exercise is what you need. Junk food will make you bloated and that will just make you feel worse. Switch to healthier salads. Plus, why don’t you go for a brisk walk. If you’re not prepared to leave your homes, you can just play Wii. Make yourself active. By doing so, you are releasing endorphins, the happy hormones.   

Look for institutions that help teens that have suicidal tendencies. Again, ask for help. There are hotlines which you can contact. They will know what to do for such cases.

You don’t have to feel hopeless. Feeling down, as I have said, is normal. Don’t do things which might cause permanent damage. Be smart enough to face life’s challenges.

Barbara Watson is an advocate of good health. This includes mental health as well. She wants to help teens to overcome depression. Barbara also writes for Viamedic Blog.

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