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Essay Writing Tips For Kids

If essay writing is difficult for adults then it must be a serious headache for kids. Helping your kids do with their writing at a young age will set them up well in their education. It’s a way of both teaching them about essay writing rules and preparing them for a future of better essay … Continue reading

Kids and The Internet: Young Stars of the Web

  YouTube Stars. Now there’s a title that definitely didn’t exist when I was a teen. For the incredibly short amount of time it’s been around, the internet has launched scores of careers.  YouTube and various blogging spheres have been the top sources of budding celebrities, with mega-celebs like Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen … Continue reading

A Pep Talk From Kid President

Simple Crafts That You Can Do With Your Teens

Finding simple crafts to do with your teens is not always easy. Teenagers are picky and highly value their time. However, with some creativity and an open mind you can find crafts they will enjoy. The key is finding something that spikes their interest. For Fashion Minded Teens If your teen is into fashion, encouraging … Continue reading

The Harsh Reality of Being Caught With a Fake ID

Jane and Joe get invited to a lot of parties. Everyone wants to be their friend; they are the most popular kids in school because they make get-togethers lots of fun. No, they’re not athletes and their grades are just above average. But people want them around because they have access to all the good … Continue reading


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