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Top 10 Girly Hairstyles For School

School-aged girls are very busy these days so they usually don’t have time to fuss with a difficult hairstyle. Besides their school work, most girls participate in at least a few extracurricular activities including team sports, dancing, choir, girl scouts, clubs, and volunteer work. Some girls are even into extreme sports like kick boxing and rock climbing. This is why easy hairstyles are in vogue now. It frees up more time for all the things our modern girls love to do. Below you will find 10 easy hairstyles for school-aged girls.

1. Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie hairstyles are super trendy these days and probably the easiest hairstyle to care for as girls can simply wash, blow, and go. In fact, many girls with this style simple wash their hair, comb and ruffle it with their fingers, and then let it dry naturally. Sometimes the ends of the hair are feathered to give a softer feminine look on this super short hairstyle.

2. Classic Ponytail

The classic ponytail hairstyle is very popular with girls that have long straight hair or just a little wave in it. Usually, girls wear front fringe bangs with the rest being one length that extends below the shoulders and sometimes tapers at the back. Of course, a ponytail can be quickly let down for an instantly softer more classic look and then pulled back into a ponytail during an activity.

3. Classic Braid Down the Back


This hairstyle is perfect for girls who want to keep their hair long but need to keep it out of their face as they play sports and other activities. Some girls wear bangs with this style but others do not. With a little practice, most girls can learn to braid their hair in less than five minutes.

4. Fishtail


This is a variation on the on the classic braid and works really well with girls that have a little natural curl in their hair. The hair is pulled to one side and then loosely braided starting about one-third down the length. This allows the natural curl to show through at the top and keeps the longer hair gathered and out of the way.

5. Two Half-Ponytails

half ponytails

This hairstyle is perfect for young girls because it can be made super cute by adding various types of whimsical ponytail holders and fanciful clips in the front. Little girls get a kick out of collecting the ponytail holders and clips and you can find really cute ones quite cheap. Butterflies and other animals are quite popular. The hair is usually parted straight down the middle and then each side is tied back in a half-ponytail. Very cute.

6. High Short Ponytail

This is a really cute style that gives a girl a perky look and keeps her hair neat and out of the way. The hair is worn shoulder length to medium length. It is then pulled together high in the back of the head so that the short ponytail sticks up and out. A clip can be used in the front to hold any loose strands of hair out of the way in the front.

7. Shag Cut


The shag cut is a highly layered and feathered above the shoulders hairstyle. It is one of those styles that you can’t mess up so it’s great to wear if you’re going to be outside a lot in the wind.

8. Hair Helmet


This is a very simple hairstyle with straight fringe bangs cut a little long and then tapered to fall around the face and just above the shoulders. This style works with straight or curly hair.

9. Shoulder Length Flip

CinemaCon 2012 - Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures Event - Arrivals

This is a girly look that is still easy to care for and works well for girls that have natural curl in their hair. Most of the hair is cut just long enough to flip and/or curl at the ends just above the shoulders. The bangs are cut super long and allowed to fall down and frame the face.

10. Long Layers With Side-Swept Bangs


This hairstyle is currently popular with teenage girls. The longest layers with this style usually extend just below the shoulders. The hair is parted on either side and the shorter layers are side swept across the forehead and covering one eyebrow. The side swept long bangs hand down low and partly cover the eyes when girls have their noses in their revision books. This gives them a mysterious air that teenage girls love. Some girls also like to funky this style up with jagged longer layers.

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