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Senia Interviews Steph Calvert – Illustrator and Graphic Designer Behind Hearts and Laserbeams

When did you start designing clothes?

I started designing clothes all the way back when I was a little girl. My sister Michelle and I would find crazy things to make Barbie clothes out of! Once we used our baby brother’s sock to make a Barbie dress by cutting a hole in the toe for her head, and then a couple of holes on the sides for her arms.

I’ve been interested in designing clothes ever since, and creating illustrations for t-shirts is such a fun extension of that!

What is it like to have your clothing in popular stores?

It’s so fun! The first time I saw something I had worked on in a store, I was walking through JC Penney with my friend Jenn. We saw a fixture of OshKosh B’Gosh clothes with art that we had each done on them. I just about lost my mind, I was so excited! That was ten years ago, and it’s still super awesome to see my designs in stores like Kohl’s, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters.

What kind of t-shirts do you make?

My favorite kinds of shirts to work on are cartoony ones, where I get to come up with funny sayings to go along with them. I also like more sketchy hand drawn styles, because they’re nice and challenging. The variety of styles I work in keeps it from ever getting boring.

Have your clothes ever been on a runway?

Not as far as I know, but maybe someday!

Do you give fashion tips on your website?

Sometimes I feel like I’m still learning about my own fashion style as an adult, which is weird! So instead of sharing my tips for how people should do things, I like to share cool fashiony things I’ve found on the internet, like cute fanny packs or great shoes.


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