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Modeling Jobs For Teenagers – Tips To Find The Best Ones


There is a wide scope of modeling jobs for teenagers in UK, most of them commercial in nature, with catalog/promotional and body part modeling opportunities also present in liberal amounts in the industry. Teenage modeling industry in the country mainly works to fly the kite about latest products and designs in the market and teens having promising potentials and flair for it are mostly the ones who are signed-up for the purpose.

If you are a teenager and want to get started on this career track, the first thing that you should understand is that there are rules to follow and things to do for becoming a successful teenage model. Talented teens can make good money from this career, yes, but only if you are ready to put in dedication and hard work. So enter this profession if you believe less in luck and more in stern effort, perseverance and slog. And of course, a friendly temperament and a penchant to balance success and failure with equal dignity would be welcome too.

Know your statistics

Teenage modeling jobs are catered out to those whose vital statistics match the industry standards. For girls, the minimum height requirement is 5’7” or taller. She should also weigh proportionately with chest measurements @ 32-34”, waist 22- 25” and hips 34-35”. Boys should be at least 5’11” tall and physically strong, lean and well-built. Body weight should be proportionately matching.

Find a good teenage modeling agency

Assumedly all teenage models, if they had not been child models earlier, enter the portal without experience. So what kind of modeling jobs for teenagers they land up depends highly upon the way they prepare themselves for the profession. And to do it well, the first thing that needs to be done is to find out a good UK model agency. How to do that? Read this.

–  The agency that you choose must bear a good reputation in the industry. The best ones would register you for free but would certainly need parental approval for the purpose if your age features below 18 years.

–  Stay away from modeling agencies which promise to sign you up for assignments when you pay them a fee. These agencies have dubious intentions and would only rob you of your money ultimately and do nothing else. The UK modeling industry does not offer modeling jobs for teenagers and/or any other models like that.

– Check the review of the modeling agency that you choose. It should lay out the best in tips (hair/make-up), styling guidance, posing advice and work ethics for its members.


Even if you are just a teenager on the block, a professionally made portfolio can make a world of difference to your career prospects. Inquire with your modeling agency if they have paid services for the purpose as these are most often the best ones on offer in the industry, carved out by the best professionals.

Finding you first assignment might take a little longer than you had expected in the teen modeling world but if you prepare yourself in the right lines, the best modeling jobs for teenagers would soon be on your way.

Author Byline: Amy Jackson is a journalist who writes for several Fashion Magazines.

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