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Finding the Right Musical Instrument for your Child

Many schools encourage children to take up learning to play a musical instrument; they are generally started off with a humble recorder before they progress onto larger and noisier instruments. But how do you know which instrument they would be best suited to learn? It is important that they are given an instrument that fits their personality so where do you start the selection process? Research has shown that 90% of children can successfully learn to play a musical instrument, and the main reason that some children give up their instrument is because the choice of instrument that they received was incorrect. Those children that continue to learn to play also do better in their academic studies.

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Woodwind Instruments

The Flute: The flute is an instrument that appeals to the shy child, a child that is happy in their own company. They may occasionally seem to be lost in their own thoughts but can also be very sociable when the need arises. If your child is the dominant type then the flute should not be chosen for them.

The Clarinet: A child that is something of a social butterfly will do well with the clarinet. This is a child that enjoys being in groups and interacting with others; they will also have a diverse selection of hobbies that keeps them occupied too.

The Saxophone: The saxophone offers a child the freedom to improvise in their music which makes it ideally suited for the child that is often referred to as being absent minded or laid back in their approach to everything.

The Oboe: The oboe requires a bit if determination to get to grips with, which makes it a good choice for the stubborn child who refuses to give up. Children who do well with the oboe tend to have only one or two close friends.

The Bassoon: Ideal for the child that has a good sense of humour, as they are going to need it when they are being dwarfed by their instrument, the kid with the bassoon is usually the practical joker of the orchestra.

Brass Section

Trumpets & Cornets: these are great instruments of choice for children that seem to have energy to spare, and also work will for aggressive and dominant children. This really is for the kid that wants to blow his own trumpet about everything.

Baritone & Tenor Horn: Quite gentle instruments for gentle children. These suit the easy going kids, the ones that show responsibility in their actions and are good organizers.

French Horn: Most suitable for the children that don’t mix with others very well, these are the conscientious and hardworking children that never give up in anything they do. It is a challenging instrument to learn.

Trombone: This instrument tends to suit artistic children, children that want to let their personality shine through in whatever they do.

Euphonium: Great for children who respond well to outside stimuli, reactionaries.

Tuba: An ideal choice for good natured and responsive children, the kind that like to lead from the back.

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3 thoughts on “Finding the Right Musical Instrument for your Child

  1. Interesting article, I’ve never seen anyone write about the psychology of musical instrument selection!
    The Oboe is definitely a good choice but does require determination.

    Posted by The Oboe Fairy | January 24, 2013, 1:12 pm


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