Senia Interviews Joe Barfield – Author of “Live for Today”

Was writing this book emotional?  Yes, but in a good way.  There were good times but even the bad times were good.  Eventually the bullies became friends.  Sometimes it wasn’t good but it all worked out.

Do you speak to teens at schools?  I have to some Christians schools but I was able to talk to all of the students before filming the movie and actually was able to choose some for the movie.  I was at a lot of the filming and told all the actors the stories in detail.

Were you bullied as a kid?  Yes.  Bobby Newby used to choke me before we went to school.  I would hide in the bushes and at the last minute dart to school.  I was terrified.  He was eight and he was two years older.  I had a crush on his girl friend, Joyce Ann Holly.  Later I bullied in high school  but I got fed up and challenged the bullies.  Funny, they never bullied us after the confrontation.

When was this book published?  The book was only finished and published about two months ago.

Are you happy that you wrote this book?   Yes it was a good story.  Some of it is fictionalized but over all it is true and most of the things that happened were true. When we stood up to the bullies and didn’t back down everybody in school found out and the class photographer found out and came out to take a picture of us.

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