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Does Your Child Need A Tutor?

As a long time tutor, I’ve gotten very good at answering difficult questions.  Interestingly, many of these tricky questions don’t come from the young students I’m working with – these questions come from their parents.  Parents often want to know if these lessons actually helpful.  Will their child’s test scores improve?  How long will it … Continue reading

Modern-Day Dilemma: Bored Kids Despite Numerous Stimuli

“We’re young and we’re bored.” So goes the lyrics of the popular song “Blow” by Kesha. Bored? Are you kidding me? With unlimited things to do, 1000 channels on television, the internet, video games, malls, sports, movies, and not to mention (dare I say it?) books, there is simply no room for a child these … Continue reading

Buying Kid’s Clothing Online

Season changes can be an absolute nightmare for parents. Different temperatures means different clothing needs. And there aren’t many experiences that are worse than dragging a screaming child through a department store. Save yourself (and your child!) the headache; shop online. Online clothes shopping can be a lifesaver for a busy parent. Here are three … Continue reading

Do After School Programs Better a Child’s Development?

Many parents struggle with finding appropriate care for their children after school. From infancy to preschool, day care programs can be easily found that will stimulate a child’s development. However, older children can often be overlooked when it comes to finding safe and reliable care. Additionally, school-aged children will often balk at the idea of … Continue reading

Teaching Your Teen To Be A Good Driver

A few years back there used to be a commercial running, probably advertising car insurance, that portrayed a young girl about five years old asking her father for the car keys. The camera pans to the father, a look of disbelief on his face, and then turns back to the girl, now a teenager, eagerly … Continue reading


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