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Andy Sixx Makeup Tutorial

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Black Veil Brides is one of the most popular scream bands of our generation. For many teenagers, Andy Biersack, also known as Andy Sixx is a figure looked up to as a self-proclaimed prophet. Now that Halloween is fast approaching, many people are wondering just how they can go about doing their makeup to look exactly like the makeup he wears on stage. Sure, it looks hard, but with some black eye shadow and eye liner, it’s really not that hard at all. Here are a few ideas on how to do it.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do if you want to do your makeup like Andy Sixx from Black Veil Brides is to be sure you have some white face powder. As you may have noticed, he is very pale and this gives him an almost corpse-like look. Some Revlon PhotoReady pressed powder will work just fine. Get the lightest shade possible. Apply this to your face over some very light liquid foundation and it will set your face up for the rest of the look. Be sure to have some eye primer on hand so that your makeup stays.  You will want to be sure that you have some black eye shadow. A matte black works best, however, if you only have black eye shadow with shimmer in it, that will work as well. Be sure that you have some makeup brushes handy to apply the eye shadow with. You will also want to have eye liner. You will need to have both pencil eye liner and liquid eyeliner. Once you have all of these things, you will be ready to start doing your makeup.

andy_sixx_make_up_by_aquastar695The Eyes Are Important

When you are trying to recreate Andy Sixx’s makeup, you need to know that the eyes are the most important part of the look. First, apply some eye makeup primer, such as Urban Decay’s Primer Potion to your eye and around your eye. This will help any makeup you apply stay well. To get started, you will want to take some black eye shadow on a brush and apply it to your eye lid. Apply about two or three coats of it so that it is dark and dramatic. When you are done, take the liquid eyeliner and draw the design you want around your eyes. You can fill this in with the pencil eyeliner. To finish the look, take either the pencil eye liner or the liquid eye liner, whichever you prefer, and draw stitches on one side of your mouth. You’re done!

While Andy Sixx’s look is not practical and certainly isn’t a look you are going to wear to school or work each day, it is a fun look for Halloween. Give it a try and see how it turns out. If it does not turn out perfect the first time you do it, don’t give up! Try again and have fun with it!

About The Author: Lori Vanity is a music scene style consultant and makeup artist. She loves to express herself in everything she touches, and recommends Riiviva Microdermabrasion for smoother skin. Look for Lori at your favorite small venue any weekend, anywhere.

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