Infographic: Privacy and Teens Online

How much privacy do teens deserve? If you think back to your own teenage years, the answer is probably “not much” – and science supports your opinion. In all seriousness, though, teen privacy is actually becoming a bigger issue than many people realize, when, not only are teens more vulnerable online, but companies are collecting…

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How to Discipline a Child with Creativity

Punishing a child is not an easy thing to do. Worse still, there is no single school where anyone intending to be a parent can attend to be trained how to discipline children. Thus most parents have learned this art through experience or perhaps through what their parents did. Consequently, some parents have inherited the…


5 Things Single Parents Should Know

By Tracey Riggs As single parents we are not alone, there are many individuals that are raising children alone whether it is a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, sibling, etc. The question is are we raising these children to be well-adjusted individuals or to be dependent upon someone? I am a single mother of…